Are You Living on Island Time? (Talking ’bout the “Someday I’ll…”)

How to get more of what you want right now.

Picture 051I love the ocean. Growing up, I was fortunate to spend summers at the beach – swimming, sailing, digging for clams (fun to find them, awful to eat them!)

As an adult, it has been my dream for years to live near the beach again. I daydream about waking up to see the early-morning sun shining silvery on the water. Walking the beach and feeling the sand cool and damp between my toes. Being lulled to sleep at night by the hypnotic sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

Happiness on Hold

For a long time, my constant refrain was, “Someday… I’ll live near the ocean. Have picnics on the beach. Watch the sun sink pink-gold into the water. Make my beach dream come true.”

Over the last few years, I started thinking about this more deeply. Besides the natural beauty of the beach, what did the seaside mean to me? What was I really yearning for?

  • The simpler, less-complicated lifestyle of childhood?
  • The freedom and adventure of exploring the shoreline and endless sea?
  • The sense of peace, calm and rightness the ocean always brings?

I realized that while my beach dream was lovely, I wasn’t doing much to turn it into reality. In many ways, I was putting my happiness on hold.

The “When I, Then I’ll” Trap

My inner dialogue went something like this…

“When I make more money, then I’ll be able to afford a beach house.”

“When I get the kids launched, then I’ll have more time to walk the beach.”

“When I change jobs, then I’ll be able to move near the water.”

Does this “when I, then I’ll” conversation sound familiar? I’m guessing that it does.

Ask yourself where in your life you may be falling into this same trap. Maybe it’s your career, your lifestyle or your health. Fill in the blank:

When I ________________________________, then I’ll ______________________________________.

The Action Antidote

No, I don’t have my beach house yet. But, I did start living my beach life! Here’s how I began getting more of what I want right now.

  • Created a “My Beach Life” vision board to focus my intention
  • Me with two of the Beach Boys after a concert!
    Me with two of the Beach Boys after a concert!
  • Planned more beach vacations (lucky to have some family to visit!)
  • Got a beach sticker for a nearby town
  • Walk the beach a few times a week and enjoy summer evening picnics there
  • Light sea-salt scented candles and crank the Beach Boys up loud
  • Do virtual visits to beaches all over the world (and sometimes check out the real estate)

But the biggest change of all? I’ve created more of what the beach really represents for me in my life today.

Simplified my lifestyle. Started saying no to things I really don’t want to do, but thought I “should”.

Upped my freedom and adventure quotient with more travel and “location independent” work.

Found a sense of peace and rightness by doing work that really lights me up and letting go of the rest.

You don’t have to put your happiness on hold.

What dream are you deferring until “someday…”? What one small action could you take today to add a little piece of it to your life today?

I’d love to hear what you’ve been dreaming about and one thing you plan to do to get more of it now. Comment below and let me know!

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