Are you speaking up or hiding out?

Speak up – your voice matters!

Have you ever sat in a meeting, had a great idea and not spoken up? Or perhaps you’ve needed help with something, but didn’t ask because that might impose on someone else – or make you look weak. Or maybe you really wanted to negotiate a raise or a new position, but felt uncomfortable advocating for yourself.

I get it – I’ve hidden in these ways, too.

Many incredibly smart, talented women get in their own way, play small and hide their true brilliance at times. The fear of judgment is a powerful thing. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

This past weekend I spent three days with an amazing group of women speakers. Some were highly experienced, while others were just starting out on this path. But all shared one thing in common: a commitment to raising their voices to champion causes – from living a healthy lifestyle, to food insecurity, to parenting, to being authentic – that can change lives.

Here’s the truth: the world needs you showing up at 100%!

And that means it’s time to stop hiding and start speaking up. Even when it’s uncomfortable. Or you might be criticized. Or you risk making a mistake.

You have a voice. You are worthy. And when you show up as the most powerful version of yourself, you create a ripple effect that benefits everyone.

So what are you waiting for? It’s your life. Your turn. Your time.

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