Eeyore or Tigger?

Your Mindset Matters: Take the Eeyore-Tigger Challenge

Get your bounce on pic_rev_FBI recently attended a weekend retreat for women speakers – what a talented, diverse and passionate group! I was honored to be there. Each of us brought a different story and unique personal goals. But all of us shared a desire to make a positive difference in the world and to do it in a bigger way.

This means change – growing beyond where we are right now. Stretching in ways that, to be honest, can feel downright uncomfortable. As I thought of the work it would take to reach my goals, the fear and “what ifs” started to kick in.

Why is it when you fill in the blank after “what if….” the next words typically focus on something negative that might happen? Like Eeyore in the Winnie the Pooh stories, my brain started down a gloomy path.

What if….

  • I create a new workshop and it isn’t well received?
  • I share a personal story and the audience judges me?
  • The process of taking my work to the next level is too hard?

Buying into this thinking quickly began to drain my enthusiasm and had me sinking into self-doubt. I’m grateful to the retreat leader who helped me turn my thinking around by asking: why do you care so much about the work you do? What is the positive impact you want to have? I thought of the amazing talented women at mid-life and beyond who I work with to help them find their spark so their dreams catch fire. Thinking of them helped me shift my mindset.

Looking at the changes I need to make and the challenges they’ll inevitably bring from a place of purpose and optimism helped me reframe my “what ifs”. Now I’m channeling my inner Tigger and getting my bounce on!

What if….

  • A workshop participant gets an ah-ha that makes her life better?
  • My story resonates with another woman and gives her hope?
  • The challenges I work through lead to really constructive personal growth?

Take the Eeyore-Tigger Challenge

Is there something in your life that you want to be different? Maybe it’s your career, lifestyle, health or a desire for more personal time and balance. When you think about changing things up, how do you fill in the blanks after “what if”?

If Eeyore takes over, that’s okay (and pretty normal!). Write those thoughts down. Then give Tigger the wheel and write down the opposite thoughts.

How does each set of thoughts make you feel? Motivated and inspired to action or discouraged and stuck in place?

Here’s the good news: You have the power to choose which thoughts you believe!

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