Do You Crave More Energy, Excitement and Freedom?

This is the beginning of a blog where possibilities are abundant, potential is unlimited and women who want to be themselves and live their genius can share their thoughts, opinions, successes and challenges.

My commitment is to give you my best tips, tools and stories so you can create the adventure of your lifetime (and navigate the twists and turns along the way!) All delivered with love and a dash of humor.

I’m curious: what’s the #1 thing you wish you had more of in your life right now? Post and let me know.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Crave More Energy, Excitement and Freedom?

  1. Great question, Mary! Here are some tips that work for me:
    1. Create a To-Do list. Once you have everything written down (I always forget things when I work from a running list in my head!), you can begin to prioritize.
    2. Whittle the list down. It can be frustrating and disheartening to feel you never get to the end of your list, so shorten it! Consider each item and ask yourself:
    – does doing this fill me with a sense of joy or dread?
    – would anything catastrophic happen if I didn’t do it?
    – can I delegate this or hire someone to do it?
    3. Learn to say no! There are probably items included on your list because you said yes to things when you really wanted to say no. Here’s something to consider: is the real issue organization or taking on too many tasks?

    Additional resource: To help you prioritize and get through your list in a less stressful way, check out the Three B’s (Bag, Barter, Better) described in Martha Beck’s book: The Four-Day Win.

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