How A Word Can Change Your Life

A One Word Approach to Creating Better Results

Elizabeth Gilbert Quote about Life CluesA brand spanking new year is here, full of possibilities. It is a fresh opportunity for growth and change.

But here’s a sobering statistic. 30% of people who made resolutions just 2 weeks ago, have already stopped keeping them! That can feel so discouraging. As a former resolution maker who often felt disappointed in myself when I fell off the resolution wagon, I know that feeling.  Can you relate?

Eventually, I got the message: If you want a different result, try a different approach.

My hunch is that you’ve set some goals for 2016 or you’re thinking about what you’d like to be different in your life this year. Here’s the strategy I now use to help me stay motivated and moving toward my goals since resolutions didn’t work for me (and apparently a lot of other people!)

I select a single guiding word for the year. The power in this is that it keeps things simple, brings sharper focus and motivates faster action. For 2016, my word is CURIOSITY: the desire to learn or know; inquisitiveness.

Here’s an example of how it’s playing out for me so far… I just had a tech glitch that caused a mailing error. Instead of sinking into judgment and blame (okay, maybe I did that for a few minutes), I got curious instead. Why did this happen? What can I learn from it? What’s my best way forward? My mistake became an opportunity for learning and growth.

Two weeks into 2016 and the word “curiosity” is already changing my life and my results: less judgment + more learning = more productive (and happier) me. So, inquiring minds want to know: what’s the number one thing you want to be different in your life this year? What’s your approach to making it happen? Post here and let me know. Have to say it: I’m curious:)

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