Is now the “right” time to pursue your dreams?

Make your dreams happen – start now!

Spring is here! And that makes me feel energized and excited….even though there’s still snow outside my window. Spring brings thoughts of growth, renewal and coming into bloom. I love the sense of possibility and promise!

There is even life bursting forth in the unlikeliest of places. Wildflowers are flourishing in the California desert again after years of drought. Some of these blossoms come from seeds that have been dormant for as many as 20 years!

How about you? What hopes, dreams or goals have you put on hold, waiting for the timing and circumstances to be exactly right?

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day business of living. Focusing on what you really want and then taking action to get it often feels too overwhelming. So you tell yourself, I’ll get to that  later. And before you know it, 5, 10, maybe even 20 years have passed and your still waiting for that “someday” when all the stars align and the timing is perfect. I get it – I’ve been there, too.

Here’s the truth: there will always be a rationale (or let’s be real, an excuse) why now isn’t the right time. You’re too busy. You don’t have the right experience. You want to do more research. You need another certification. You’re not ready!

Guess what? You’ll never feel 100% ready!

But here’s what I know. Whatever goal, dream or desire you’ve been deferring, the seeds to make it blossom are inside you, waiting to sprout. The key is to start taking action now – before you think you’re ready.

Martin Luther King said:

  “You  don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

What dream or desire would bring more joy and meaning to your life? Imagine how you’d feel and how  your life would be different if you achieved it. What’s one small step you could take this week to start making it happen?

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