Motivation on Vacation?

Get Your Mojo Back!

Child asks why_3March was an exciting month for me, full of travel, birthday celebrations and fun. When I got home, I had tons of stuff to catch up on. Accounting, business plans and household chores, to name a few. I quickly got caught up being crazy busy trying to do it all.

A week later, I had a bad cold and wasn’t feeling super motivated. I’m almost never sick and was surprised that my get-up-and-go had got up and gone. Feeling under the weather caused me to pause and ask myself: what’s really going on here?

I realized that hopping on the busy-go-round full tilt was taking my focus away from what’s most important to me. And this was draining my energy – both mentally and physically. I needed to reground myself to get back on track.

Here are three steps that helped me get energized again.

Step one: Notice the energy shift. If something feels different and you don’t have your usual focus and sense of purpose, pay attention. Signals from your body, though often ignored, are powerful indicators that it may be time to course correct something in your life. My cold slowed me down and got me to look deeper into where I needed to change things.

Step two: Look for the reason. Ask yourself what’s really going on. What has changed recently? What story are you telling yourself that is sapping your motivation? Mine was that I “had” to get everything done immediately after being away – even though it stressed me out and drew me away from my priorities.

Step three: Remember your why. The best way I’ve found to get motivated when I start to feel stuck is to reconnect with my why. This is your purpose, the reason you do what you do.

I’m still chipping away at my post travel to-do list, but that comes after I spend time on what’s most important to me: helping amazing, talented women who are settling instead of soaring find their spark and let their dreams catch fire.

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