Are you settling or doing what you really want?

5 ways to get more of what you want

As someone who acknowledges that she’s a recovering Good Girl, you won’t be surprised that I’m hooked on the new Amazon series, The Good Girls Revolt. Based on the book by Lynn Povich, the show is set in 1969-1970 and tells the story of women working at the fictional News of the Week magazine. They face discriminatory practices in the newsroom amid the drama of cultural changes and their own shifting family and romantic relationships.

Here’s the real story: On March 16, 1970, 46 female employees of Newsweek magazine (including Povich) filed a complaint with the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claiming discrimination against women in both hiring and promotion. Their brave action changed years of newsroom traditions and opened the door to new opportunities for women.

While the show is entertainment, I was struck by how relevant the themes still are today. Here are five takeaways I got from watching The Good Girls Revolt and some questions to spark your thinking and motivate inspired action.

  • You can challenge the status quo. At the start of the show, most of the women accepted their assigned roles. It took time for them to realize the business practices of the day were not only unfair, they were illegal and could be challenged. What are you tolerating that doesn’t serve you? How would your life be different if you changed it?
  • You have many possibilities. Career opportunities for these smart, highly educated women were limited to subsidiary roles. Over the course of the show, their thinking about what is possible for them expands. Where in your life are you limiting your own success and happiness? What would it take to make a deferred dream come true?
  • Feel the fear, act anyway. As the Good Girls start to plan their revolt, their fears quickly surface. What if we get fired? What if we fail? The bigger the change, the greater the fear. Is there something you really want, but haven’t pursued because fear or self-doubt popped up? What could you achieve if you acknowledged the fear and still took action?
  • You’re more powerful than you think. Like the women in the show, we often give our power away by living according to other people’s rules and expectations. You can take your power back. Are you saying yes when you want to say no? What would be possible if you said no sometimes so you could start saying yes to what you really want?
  • Find friends who’ve got your back. These Good Girls banded together to create a major change. When one faltered, another was there to support her. The people you surround yourself with can lift you up or bring you down. Who are you spending your time with? What would it mean to have a network of support that inspired you to be your best?

Know your worth and don’t settle.

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