Jean’s core focus is supporting ambitious corporate and professional women to combine high performance and profit with purpose and passion. Her presentations help audiences see and feel how they can live and lead authentically as the most powerful version of themselves. Jean’s whip smart, impeccably researched, humor laced presentation will help your audience re-route their good girl identity away from an unachievable standard toward their fullest measure of success and happiness.

See Jean in Action

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Tame Your Inner Good Girl

Successful, high achieving women who say “yes” when they’d rather say “no,” do what they “should” do instead of what they want to do, or always put themselves last will leave this session empowered to begin making different decisions.

The Typical Good Girl

  • Checks work texts and emails constantly (even when she’s supposed to be off)
  • Routinely works extra hours because the boss or client expects it
  • Succumbs to “project creep” all too often, and then resents it

The Transformed Good Girl

  • Confidently sets and  honors boundaries so she can be fully available, without resentment
  • Sets clear priorities and operates from a place of authenticity, without compromising her high standards
  • Makes decisions from a place of personal power and choice, rather than obligation

Past participants have reveled in doing more of what matters most to them,  celebrating their ability to make a positive impact, and living within their personal power in a way that is both assertive and kind (to themselves and others).

In a longer training, participants will:

  • Develop their self-awareness advantage through grounding themselves in who they are, clarifying what they value and capitalizing on their strengths
  • Discover and use tools to quiet their inner critic and empower bold action
  • Learn how to navigate challenging conversations with poise and confidence

Jean Can Help Your Company Cultivate:

  • Fired up, engaged employees who are free from the pressure of trying to sustain an unattainable “perfect” work persona
  • Happier, more productive staffers who know how to capitalize on their top skills to perform at their best
  • Employees who are committed to being part of your team for the long term

This presentation can be delivered as a keynote, business or association presentation, workshop or corporate training. Content and design will be customized to  meet the needs of your group.

About Jean

Jean is a sought after Career and Leadership Speaker, Trainer and Coach who believes we are each born with a special genius. Her innate sense of humor and deep empathy and compassion for women who are ready to unleash their full potential culminate in a delivery style that is intuitive, thought provoking and inspiring.

From interacting with hundreds of women through her presentations, workshops and coaching sessions, Jean’s ability to connect with an audience is so keen that participants have been known to ask “were you in my head?” Her approach allows audiences to recognize what needs to change, discern what questions to ask, and how to facilitate what they deeply desire for their life and work.

Jean holds an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University, a BA from the College of the Holy Cross and received her coach training from Martha Beck. Her deep professional background in marketing, fund development and leadership training spans corporate, entrepreneurial and nonprofit sectors, allowing her to seamlessly connect with women across professions and industries.


I left Jean’s presentation empowered and armed with tools I could use immediately to adjust the way I show up in my business and personal relationships.

– Heather Habelka, Owner, Red Poppy Marketing, LLC and Founder, Entrepreneurial Women’s Club

Presents with energy and a sense of fun that is contagious. Jean has an uncanny ability to connect with the audience. She makes you feel she understands exactly where you are now and totally believes that you can get from there to where you aspire to be.

– Phyllis Fryzel, Agent, Combined Insurance

Jean is relatable, engaging and informative. Her talk left me wanting to take action instead of just knowing what I should change.

– Scarlett De Bease,  Wardrobe Stylist, Scarlett Image

Loved the combination of insight, inspiration and humor! Jean brought a fresh perspective that challenged my thinking on a familiar topic. Most importantly, she didn’t just present ideas, she provided the practical steps to start implementing them.

– Cathy Bromberg, Director of Development, Westport Arts Center Inc.

Jean knocked it out of the park today – really great job! Her speaking style is effortless and engaging. So many of us had a-ha moments when she encouraged us to think of something specifically getting in our way. I think we all left knowing what action steps to take. I enjoyed listening to her!

– Lisa Corrado, Motivational Storyteller, The Felix Culpa Project


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