To tell the truth….

Three questions to help the real you stand up

Your truth_3_FBRemember the old TV show, To Tell the Truth? It’s back! If you aren’t familiar with the show, three individuals all claim to be the same person. Celebrity contestants then ask questions and try to discover who’s telling the truth and who the imposters are.

The world’s fastest texter, a pole dance champion and Taylor Swift’s prom date were featured last week. I played along at home – and I got them all wrong!

Maybe it isn’t always so easy to recognize the genuine article….

I realize, I’ve played my own version of this game for years. I’ve been corporate Jean: dressed in suits, working too many hours, diligently over-extending and over-delivering. PTA Jean: sporting preppy outfits, running fundraisers and baking cupcakes – homemade, of course! Social Jean: saying yes to invitations (even when I wanted to say no), taking on yet another volunteer job (with a smile) despite being over-committed and caring a little too much about what other people thought.

Like the imposters on the TV show, I didn’t always reveal the true me. I was something of a chameleon, able to adapt to any situation and find the “right” things to do and say. And frankly, it got exhausting!

But eventually, I learned an important lesson:

If you’re not true to yourself, it doesn’t matter how much success you have. You’ll never achieve the fulfillment and happiness you’re chasing.

Don’t get me wrong – those different versions of me are still me. And there’s a lot to like! Caring about others. Striving to make a difference. Bringing my A-game. But looking back, I can see that I didn’t always do things for the right reasons. I didn’t always engage in difficult, but important conversations or make the brave choices that, deep down, felt right to me.

It takes courage to let the real you standup. I’m still challenged to do it consistently every day. Here are three questions that help me stay grounded when things start feeling out of balance.

  • do my actions and choices reflect my values?
  • am I speaking my truth (with compassion) and standing up for what I believe?
  • am I showing up as my authentic self and living my purpose?

I won’t lie. This is hard work.

But there’s nothing like the sense of empowerment, freedom and rightness that comes from making peace with yourself and living the life you’re meant to live.

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