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What does your life feel like right now?

  • Are you tired of being busy 24/7 and feeling like you have no time for yourself because you’re trying to be the perfect wife, mother, daughter, employee, volunteer and friend?
  • Do you spend hours stuck in meetings, on conference calls or in traffic – wondering if your work is really making the difference you’d like to make?
  • Has a friend your age made a surprising career move to do work that really lights her up and you want to feel that energy and excitement again?
  • Do you find yourself sipping your second glass of wine while watching Downton Abbey because your husband is totally absorbed in his laptop? Do you wonder where the romance went and how to bring it back?
  • Do you wish you could start saying no to things you don’t want to do so you could start saying yes to yourself?

Guess what? You can create the life you want.

How do I know? I’ve been where you are. And I stayed there much longer than I needed to because I believed I should be able to figure everything out on my own.

Then one day a mentor and role model who I really admired asked me if I’d ever consider getting a life coach to help me focus my talents and energy. She had one she’d be happy to introduce to me.

My first reaction was, “Oh, my God! She thinks I’m unfocused!” which was quickly followed by, “What? She is brilliant, accomplished and really lives life on her own terms. I can’t believe she has a life coach!”

Big lesson learned: smart people know that getting help when you need it is a sign of strength, not weakness. I took her advice, worked with her coach and created the most exciting and meaningful evolution of my life yet.

Now that I’m living the life I want, not the one I thought I should, I’m on a mission to help talented women like you unleash your true potential, own your dreams and live life on your terms. And it all comes with heaping helpings of freedom, fulfillment and fun.

When you work with me you’ll walk away with…

  • Clarity about what you want: Get clear on what you love and what gives you a sense of purpose in your life and work. You don’t need to live up to anyone else’s expectations!
  • Confidence to go out and get it: You’ll learn skills and tools that will empower you to handle the self-doubt and fears that hold you back. Thoughts like “I don’t have the right resume or credentials; I’m too old; no one will hire me; I don’t have enough time; this is way too scary; I can’t change.”
  • A roadmap to put your passion into action: You’ll put your strengths, talents, and experience together and design a personalized action plan that will help you small-step your way towards major transformations. This map will feel just right because it’s based on your needs, your lifestyle and your dreams.

We’ll work well together if …

  • you’re a kick-ass professional woman who’s ready for change and okay with challenging the status quo
  • you feel a tingle of excitement about the possibilities and a desire to explore them, despite your fears and doubts (it’s okay, we all have them!)
  • you believe life can be an adventure, and even though you may have temporarily lost your mojo, you’re ready to do the work it takes to get it back
  • you’re curious to learn how to create the roadmap that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be
  • you’re ready to experience more joy and fulfillment, while having a positive impact in the world

We won’t work well together if you’re willing to settle, are only looking for a quick fix, aren’t willing to invest in yourself or want someone else to take care of everything for you.

You’ve already proven you can do it all. Isn’t it time to focus on what you really want now?

It’s your turn to get clear, flex your confidence muscles and start creating a life that really lights you up.

Individual Coaching

Here’s the first step: hop on a free 30-minute purpose and passion strategy call with me so we can talk through what you really want and the number one thing that’s getting in your way. Then I’ll lay out the best strategy to solve what you’ve shared with me. If it sounds like working together makes sense and we’re a good fit, we’ll talk about a customized program that can help you reach your goals as quickly and easily as possible.

Click here to book your complimentary purpose and passion strategy call now!

Group Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Customized workshops, trainings and retreats are available for your group or organization. Prices are based on program design and length.

Click here to schedule an informational call.

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