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Thank you for your interest in private coaching. I work with successful professional women who want to live and lead happily as the most confident, authentic and powerful version of themselves.

90 Day Accelerator

A private coaching experience to help you sync high performance (and profit) with your purpose and values. 

If you are a woman who has achieved a lot of success in her career, you likely are someone who has high expectations for herself – and who may have created a nasty habit of over delivering and over extending. Your success may have come at a price: not achieving true life satisfaction and living your fullest potential.

You may find yourself….

  • saying yes to extra assignments, unreasonable deadlines and being “on call” 24/7, even when you want to say no
  • working long hours, playing hide (don’t speak up or say what you really mean) and seek (over prepare so you have all the”right” answers)
  • sacrificing personal time and putting your health and happiness on the back burner in an exhausting effort to make yourself indispensable – and everyone else happy

Yet your inner good girl keeps striving to do more. Achieve that next career milestone. And boy, does it feel amazing when you accomplish it! But that sense of satisfaction has a funny way of not lasting, so it’s on to the next goal.

Years of living a repeating cycle of “pursuit-achievement- temporary fulfillment” take a toll. It leaves you yearning to let go of the pressure and give yourself permission to step off this treadmill and align high performance and profit with your authentic purpose and passion.

This coaching experience is for you if you’re ready to….

  • quiet your inner critic so you can get out of your own way
  • break the pushing/pleasing/perfecting habits that are stealing your power
  • transform your limiting beliefs into empowering behaviors
  • honor your values and priorities instead of living by someone else’s agenda
  • embrace who you are and who you want to be in this next phase of life
  • discover the fulfillment that comes from knowing you’re doing the work you’re born to do and living the life you’re meant to live

It’s your time to leverage the full measure of your talent, experience and energy. It’s your turn to start living and leading from a place of personal power that brings you the true satisfaction you’ve been seeking for so long.

The 90 Day Accelerator is designed to help you get clear on what you really want (and why), work through any limiting beliefs that are getting in your way, and create an action plan that gets results.

By the end of this experience, you will…

  • develop your personal self-awareness advantage: the clarity and confidence of knowing who you are (and want to be) and how to capitalize on your strengths
  • identify the values and outcomes that matter most to you and how to align your actions to achieve them
  • replace self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors with new self-empowering ones
  • learn when to say yes and when to say no, how to honor your boundaries and navigate challenging conversations with assurance
  • start taking steps right now to increase your work-life experience, satisfaction and happiness (while reducing stress and worry)

This experience culminates with the design of your customized roadmap to a personal and professional life that fires you up instead of burning you out. You’ll be on your way to making this your most exciting, rewarding and fun phase of life yet.

Our work together is structured, yet highly personalized. Through a combination of strategy work, mindset coaching and tactical support, you make continuous progress and can take your next steps with confidence. Flexibility is key, so strategies can be tailored to keep you motivated and on target. Throughout the coaching process, you will learn new strategies and tools that you can use immediately and into the future.

Your personalized coaching experience includes:

  1. Initial Assessment. We’ll identify which behaviors are undermining your happiness and find the beliefs that trigger them. This diagnostic tool helps pinpoint the thoughts that need reframing so you can let go of self-limiting behaviors and replace them with empowering ones.
  1. 90-Minute VIP Strategy Session. We’ll review your assessment, talk through the key stories and situations that trigger self-doubt and discuss strategies to help you stand in your personal power instead. You’ll identify your 90 day goal and leave with specific next steps towards achieving it.
  1. Two 60-Minute Coaching Calls per month. Calls provide strategic focus, accountability, ongoing support and an opportunity to deal with your priority challenges. You’ll have action steps designed to keep you moving forward after each call. While specific content is customized to your needs, here’s a sample of topics we may cover:
  • Your personal rule book: What do you tell yourself you “should”or “have to” do? What rules are you setting for other people? How is this affecting the choices you make?
  • Values-behavior alignment: What are your top values? Are you living them consistently? What internal struggle goes on when your values and behaviors  don’t match?
  • Mindset matters: Where are you playing mind games with yourself and with others? What stories are you telling yourself that are keeping you playing small?
  • Power-full possibilities: What do you want to do next? What’s the “why” that’s motivating you to go after it? How do you imagine your life will be different?
  • Your 90 day goal: What’s one outcome you’d like to achieve in the next 90-days? How do you expect to feel when you achieve it? How can you start taking baby steps to get some of those feelings right now?
  1. Email Access. You can email me to get support when you need it so you don’t feel stuck or uncertain when questions come up and you need answers.
  1. Bi-weekly accountability check-in. To keep your momentum strong during the weeks when we don’t have a call,  you’ll email me an update on your progress and I’ll email you feedback.
  1. Curated Reading and Resource List. Selected for you (articles, videos, TED Talks, etc.) to accelerate your progress as you pursue your personal and professional goals.

Ready to sync high performance (and profit) with your purpose and passion (minus the good girl drama) so you can start leading your most fulfilling life?

Click here to schedule your complimentary 90 Day Accelerator Strategy Session to explore if we’re a coaching fit.


If you thrive face-to- face and are ready to deep dive into realizing a short-term goal, we can discuss my VIP Day option when we talk.